Why Choose TerraOne Engineering?

The common approach of “one-size fits all” is not our way.  We evaluate each facility and tailor turnkey solutions to better meet the demands of your business.  At TerraOne, we partner with our customers in assessing energy management needs, and in defining the project scope of work to be used by each of the contractors involved.  We manage these resources and ensure that the correct energy conservation measures are implemented.

Possessing a sharp focus and attention to the details that are missed by less seasoned providers, ensures that quality workmanship is achieved.  Over 30 years of experience with building envelopes, lighting systems, HVAC, controls and automation allow us to thoroughly analyze the complexities these systems present.  TerraOne gives you: 

  • Verify equipment efficiency and functionality compared to required building needs.
  • Develop energy reduction projects.
  • Efficient project management.

  • Correct costing (contractor pricing, bill of materials, etc.).

  • Proper usage matching and correlation with building automation systems.

  • Proper assessment of the application and limits of certain technologies within the realm of energy management.

  • Detailed scope of work to ensure fewer unknowns and better costs control.

When any of these key factors are left out of the equation, a project will miss excellent opportunities for low costs and high return on investment (ROI) gains.

Beyond commissioning and project closing, we provide support to guarantee systems are operating at peak efficiency by reviewing the systems performances via the embedded analytics, meeting with the appropriate personnel, and discussing opportunities to either correcting found performance issues or gain even more efficiencies.

Want to Learn More?

Services Provided

  • Manage construction projects.
  • Constant review of energy analytics.